Developer & Machine Learning Engineer

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About Me

Hi! I am Pallav, a data analyst & developer. I am here to solve your tech problem(s).

I recently graduated with First Class Honors in Electronic and Computer Engineering from The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST). And I am ready for the opportunity your ideas hold for us. All ideas need a space to inspire the generations. I can help you in actualizing that space via Mobile App and Web App. If your ideas have already taken shape and you have hit a plateau, I can help you with strategic insights that will produce the desired breakthrough. Feel free to reach out to me and check out my CV. And do say 'Hi' if you need anything.

React Native

Working on something mindblowing?


Data Analysis

Data isn't new. But the way enterprises deal with data is. There is so much data out there that one can never make sense of it. I can help you with data wrangling and modeling in order to achieve actionable insights.

App Development

Mobile is the present and the future. Most users interact with businesses on the go. Therefore, mobile app is a necessity for a business. I develop native apps that work smoothly across platforms(iOS & Android) using React Native.

Web Development

If you have an idea that could revolutionize the world. I am in for it. Each idea needs a space to showcase its prowess. And website is the first thing that clients look at. I can help your business in making an amazing website.


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